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's foreign-funded enterprises were unified tax system also means the end of foreign super-national treatment, comprehensive and unified domestic foreign tax. The data show that currently levied on domestic-funded enterprises in China, urban construction tax and education surtax levied based on the value-added tax,ray ban pas cher, consumption tax, business tax actually paid tax, urban construction tax, according to the taxpayers located in urban areas of the county (town) and other regions, respectively 7%, 5%, and the third gear rate of 1% levied the education surtax is unified levy rate of 3%,louboutin. Ministries for the fresh produce transport burdens vegetable trucks free of tolls Ministry of Transport, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the three departments jointly recently issued a notice, the green channel to further improve the transportation of fresh agricultural policy to increase the variety of fresh agricultural products. Notification requirements, from December 1, 2010, all toll roads (including the fees of independent bridges, tunnels) include all fresh produce transport network-wide "green channel" legally loaded vehicle transporting fresh agricultural vehicles waive tolls. New highway toll stations included in the fresh produce transport network of "green channel" has opened a "green channel" dedicated crossing, according to the provisions set for "green channel" logo mark to guide fresh produce transport vehicles the priority quickly through. Unicom iPhone contract Deal execution machine card separation 90 days the phone "bricks and mortar" China Unicom announced the implementation of the new policy of the iPhone contract plan from December 1. 12 1, 2009 after the purchase user, such as machine card separation use China Unicom have the right to cancel a customer's terminal subsidies, subscriber numbers will be shut down, the iPhone terminal will be locked, and eventually cancel the account, then put the Which operators The SIM card could not be reused. Friends joked that when the phone will become a "bricks and mortar". Unicom said that from December 1 onwards, the new network iPhone contract plan user addition to "China Unicom's mobile business customers network service agreement signed with China Unicom, the need to sign the new China Unicom customers 3G iPhone contract plan business agreement" . Under the agreement, the handle users of China Unicom iPhone contract plan,tory burch, only in the case of machine card separation use, end subsidies provided by China Unicom may enjoy preferential policies. Users, such as "UIM" China Unicom have the right to cancel a customer's terminal subsidies, subscriber numbers will be shut down, the iPhone terminal will be locked, and customers need to bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract. However, the old user network on December 1 will not be affected,hollister. Unicom side said the move for scalpers fry machine, to avoid Unicom iPhone 4 tariff malicious unpacking caused market confusion, and also allows users to accelerate buy the iPhone 4 and reduce the fare increase scalpers behavior ,ray ban. Access to the government procurement agency for government procurement agency accreditation Measures adjust the Ministry of Finance recently been revised, new finds ways to be effective as of December 1, 2010 to raise the threshold of the registered capital and staff size. Recently, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for government procurement agency accreditation approach "answered a reporter's question. The official pointed out that the revision of the registered capital, the government procurement agency, the size of the full-time staff and quality applications such as the performance of the Class A eligibility requirements to make adjustments, including the Grade A government procurement agency registered capital increased to 500 million more than $ A, B increased to 100 million yuan. TV microwave oven new energy efficiency standards for the implementation of energy-intensive products will be delisting Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Quality Supervision,air jordan pas cher, Inspection and Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly announced the "flat-panel TV energy efficiency limited value and energy efficiency rating" and "household and similar uses microwave energy efficiency of limited value and energy efficiency rating "Since December 1, the formal implementation. After the implementation of two new energy efficiency standards, the three high-energy consumption flat panel TV will be mandatory delisting can not reach five microwave energy efficiency will also ban the production and sale. New introduction of the flat-panel TV energy efficiency of limited value and energy efficiency rating under the flat-panel TV energy efficiency is divided into three levels, a representative of the best energy-saving effect, two minimum requirements for energy-saving product certification, three for market access level This means that the reach three flat-panel TV energy efficiency standards will be phased out. According to previous relevant departments of the state test results are expected after the implementation of new energy efficiency standards, 14,air jordan.5% of the LCD TV market is facing delisting. The new "household and similar uses microwave energy efficiency of limited value and energy efficiency rating" of the microwave oven is divided into five energy efficiency rating, where a product is the most energy-efficient,sac longchamp, the efficiency values ​​are 62%, two or more products for energy-saving products, 3,4 moderate energy-efficient products, five products belong to the high energy-consuming products. 5 or more energy efficiency requirements will gradually ban the production and market sales failed to meet energy efficiency standards implementation. The main drafters of this standard,louboutin pas cher, the China National Institute of Standardization, Liu said: "The implementation of energy efficiency standards in large part to promote the upgrading of the energy-saving effect of microwave products after the implementation of the standards will be eliminated in the 10% -15% of the market inefficient products. "foreign exchange bureau to implement import verification system reform to deepen the reform of the foreign exchange management system, to support the foreign steady economic development, further promote trade facilitation,abercrombie, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued a" reform of the relevant issues on the implementation of import verification system notice ", decided to promote the implementation of import verification system reform since December 1,air jordan, 2010. Import verification system reform: First the normal course of business of the enterprise no longer need to apply for on-site verification procedures be greatly facilitated trade under foreign payments; cancel bank import payment for the enterprise business networking verification procedures to reduce the burden on banks, to facilitate the bank the day-to-day business operations; Exchange Board of enterprises directory management, import payment of directory information to be shared nationwide, enterprise remote without payment and then the foreign exchange bureau prior to filing procedures; Fourth The use of foreign exchange trade receipt and payment verification system, business-oriented site verification and monitoring and early warning, and on-site verification of unusual transactions subject to determine the business classification assessment and implementation of category management. The NDRC reduce some drug prices involved in 17 categories were down 19% recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice of the decision from December 12, the lower part of ceftriaxone separate pricing for the maximum retail price of drugs, involving antibiotics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other 10 seven classes of drugs. Adjusted price is 19% lower than the current average price is expected to annually reduce the burden of nearly 20 billion. The retail prices of some commonly used drugs significantly lowered,oakley, the masses will truly feel the actual price reduction. Captopril (trade name: Capoten,toms, 12.5mg * 20 Pian) price from 34 yuan to 22.1 yuan, a decline of 35%; Roche production such as Sino-American Shanghai Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ceftriaxone (trade Name: Rocephin 1g injection) price has dropped from 93.8 yuan to 65.7 yuan, a decline of 30%. "Dyeing method of calculation of overall energy consumption and basic fixed" standard implemented on December 1, 60 textile industry, the Ministry of Industry has approved 65 industry standard in effect on December 1, the textile industry standard of 60. 60 Textile industry standards, involving seven areas of expertise, where: 9 of dyeing, wool textiles 15 jute mills, seven, four of silk, knit 11,abercrombie paris, with four lines, textile machinery and accessories 10 . Beijing to strengthen supervision of real estate sale: the margin of preference shall be open violation Arranging is supervision of the implementation of the new regulations to increase the supervision and management of the real estate sale since December 1, Beijing. Future, Beijing's commercial housing in handling the sale of licensed developers to submit pre-sale program must be prices, discounts and other information reporting and publicity in the sales office. Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission has issued a notice on strengthening the program management of the real estate sale. Require developers to submit a pre-sale program to include not only the project, but also includes the construction schedule of the project, capping time, the completion time of delivery, as well as pre-sale plan, each phase of the opening of the time, the housing material and what The pre-sale mode. Under the new regulations, in the future, developers submitted in the pre-sale program should also include the pre-sale price of commercial housing and the margin of preference, and retained by developers of commercial housing floor number, room number, copy number and other information in order to prevent the protected disk reluctant sellers The emergence of the internal subscription sales practices and other irregularities. In addition, the pre-sale program to include commercial housing quality responsible for the subject and commitment. Bear the main responsibility for the quality of commercial housing developers must be clear in the enterprise bankruptcy, dissolution occurs.
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